This is a past event, it is NOT available for booking
Event 38 : The Last Night of the World
Location : Miskin Mill
Price : 70£ (bank transfer) / 73£ (paypal)
If you are visiting from outside the UK - please contact us for the correct price
Maximum players : 24
Description : As normal (to varying levels) for the Christmas social this is a "plot lite" event and as such you should not be expecting large scale firefights, weapons combat, off world missions or other such things. It is a social event designed for character interaction, and for a variety of small scale plot and diplomatic items.

From an OOC note Miskin Mill does not allow firearms at the event.

Players will not be required to perform any crewing.

This event is available for you to book at : 2014-11-13
Bookings close : 2015-01-02
Crew arrival on site : 2015-01-09 12:00:00
Event start : 2015-01-09 12:00:00
Event end : 2015-01-11 13:00:00