This is a past event, it is NOT available for booking
Event 39 : Dying Light
Location : Huntley Wood
Price : 65£ (bank transfer) / 68£ (paypal)
If you are visiting from outside the UK - please contact us for the correct price
Maximum players : 0
Description : One year ago an Aethernaut Fleet, spurred into action by the machinations of an incomprehensible elder being, attacked Earth. In an act of love for his former planet, the Ascended being Doctor Matthew Carter raised a shield around Earth to prevent the worst of the attacks. He was not able to seal off the world completely, at least one Aethernaut ship was sealed within the shield and fighting had broken out on the groundů but it gave them a stay of execution they would not otherwise have had. But it would not be enough, the men and women of the Stargate Expeditionary Force were cast away from their world, so they might find a way to save their home.

Cast across the galaxy by Carter, separated so they could not be as easily killed by the agents of the abyss, the SEF slowly came back together with the assistance of alien allies across the Galaxy. Now, as the forces of Earth work to get the tools and information they need to save the planet, they must travel from their exile back to Earth before the Shield weakens - and time is running out...

This event is available for you to book at : 2015-01-30
Bookings close : 2015-01-31
Crew arrival on site : 2015-03-20 12:00:00
Event start : 2015-03-20 07:00:00
Event end : 2015-03-22 16:00:00