This is a past event, it is NOT available for booking
Event 28 : Things we leave behind
Location : Oxenwood Education Centre
Price : 50£ (bank transfer) / 52£ (paypal)
If you are visiting from outside the UK - please contact us for the correct price
Maximum players : 30
Description : Things We Leave Behind"

Following the events of a year ago when it was proven the stargate could be used for temporal as well as spatial travel, Project Blinovitch has been working to recreate the effects in a controlled and safe manner. Now they are ready for their first test, and the SEF prepares for the first time to attempt deliberate time travel.

Confronted by this possibility, our heroes' minds turn to their history, to lost comrades, and roads less travelled. If Project Blinovitch is a success it may be possible to correct those mistakes.

In this time of uncertainty....what have you left behind?

This event is available for you to book at : 2012-02-24
Bookings close : 2012-07-15
Crew arrival on site : 2012-07-20 10:00:00
Event start : 2012-07-20 20:00:00
Event end : 2012-07-22 16:00:00