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Downtime open

Post by Tempest » Sun Jun 14, 2020 1:19 am

Hi all, please see the following announcement RE downtime’s which are open now. I’ll be cross posting this to Facebook and sending out emails to anyone who has provided contact information.


Hi all,

We're going to be opening up the downtimes for this summer, ahead of the On-line RP sessions starting in July.

As mentioned in previous messages, this downtime will cover the period that would have been DT's for the May and August event.
Instead of two separate DT's, everyone will be receiving one DT, which will have three months of Mechanical progress (i.e 3 months to use for Training, Skills, Missions, etc), and six months of Research time.

We would like to ask for support from anyone for writing random missions, or other related items that might appear in the DT. Short stories, world events, etc.
Also, we will soon be posting up details regarding how many on-line RP sessions we will be running, where they will be based (IC), and how they will be running (OC).

This Downtime is open for everyone in the society. If you have a character, you have a DT. If you don't have a character yet... feel free to speak to us about making one.

Due to the cancellation of our events this year and the situation in general, we are suggesting you make a donation to a charity of your choice (if you can) instead of paying for the downtime. If it's not within your means to do so, we aren't making it mandatory, and we don't need to know what charity, nor how much.

Downtime is open from now, and will remain open until 2359 on Sunday 5th July.
You can access the DT form from this link:
The password for the form is.... password

If you have any issues using/accessing the form, or anything else relating to the Downtimes, please email/messages/etc the PlotCos

Stay safe, and we'll see you in the field before the year is out.
- The Exec
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