Downtimes - Post E56

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Downtimes - Post E56

Post by achillain » Tue Aug 20, 2019 6:14 pm

Hi all,

This message is to let you know about a quick update we’ve made (and will be making) to how you submit Downtimes. Please read through everything to be aware of the new and upcoming changes.

Firstly, we are no longer using the Zoho Forms for the submission of Downtimes. From this downtime onwards, we are starting to use a new Google Form. This has been designed to make submission of Downtimes much easier and quicker for everyone. The new form features less text entry, as most of the options (such as Learning Skills) is just a simple pick from a dropdown. We’ve included text entry in places where we may need clarifications.

This is also aimed to reduce ambiguity in downtime submissions, and increase the awareness to you regarding what some of the downtime options are limited to, or include (such as Improving Skills and Research).

We welcome any feedback on the new form via email to the PlotCos, so we can improve on this new downtime form, and make things easier for you all.

Secondly, with the aim of improving Downtimes and increasing the options for people to get involved with creating or partaking in plotlines, we will be making a minor change to how Random Missions work in Downtimes.

Starting after Event 57, there will be a period of time after an Event in which people can submit a Mission Request to the PlotCos. We will then check over the request, get it sanctioned by the Command Team, and anything else that needs doing. When you come to submit your downtimes, you will see a list of available missions for you to join in on. There will also be a “I don’t mind, whatever” option.

The intention is to give more scope for plot writers to be involved in Downtimes, for players to follow up on plots, and also for new players to get involved in existing plots. Anyone can submit a mission request, and it doesn’t have to be something that you’re wanting to investigate with your own character. If you have a fun plot idea, or just want to help contribute to the world that we are all building, then this is a new opportunity for you to get involved beyond events.

As mentioned, this will be coming into place after the next event, for the downtime that will follow event 57. This downtime features a preview of the new missions idea, with a couple of Plot-led example missions, along with the options to have a random mission and such.

Thirdly, we’re looking to improve some of the supplementary avenues of character development that people can get involved in. This will include more options in the Research slot of your downtime, for characters who are wishing to develop themselves beyond skills. Examples will include attending Officer/Management Training, gaining a Doctorate, or maintaining diplomatic ties with allies. Whilst these options won’t provide you with any mechanical benefits (like Missions), they will be a further avenue for you to get your character involved in the world via different paths.

We have placed some of these options into the current downtime’s Research section, and once again, we would welcome feedback on this section to continue to improve it.

Finally, downtimes following Event 56 (the one we just had) will close on Sunday 1st September, at 2359. Please note that the downtime submission form will now stop automatically accepting submissions at this time. If there are extenuating circumstances, then please contact the PlotCos at the earliest opportunity.

If you would like to volunteer to write any downtime missions, please contact the PlotCo email as usual.

Downtimes can be submitted via this link: (The password is “password”)

With thanks,
Chris and Orev
Dr Peter Crane - Head of Pastoral Support / Chaplain
Some posts as miscellaneous NPCs on behalf of the PlotCo team
OOC: Chris

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