State of the Game - January

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State of the Game - January

Post by BenM » Sat Jan 25, 2020 5:47 pm

Hello Folks,

In the interest in increased communications and transparency from the Exec to yourselves here is a (fairly short) series of updates from us.

For the most part myself/Paul and the System Refs have been settling into our respective seats and taking stock of the situation so we've not been in a position to do anything massive and disastrous yet.
We have yet to have a meeting of the Executive because we've all had our own lives to straighten out, we are current planning March 7th for that so if you have any buisness to raise to the committe email myself or Paul at the usual emails in order for us to put it on the agenda.

I've had a bit of a busy month cos I'm a filthy keener so to summarise;

Chris and I (mostly Chris) along with Paul have been looking into more outreach opportunities at external events, given that LARPcon is at the end of February and pitches for that are cheap and affordable myself and Chris are planning to go down there, likely with Crow with a stand with a few materials and a few props to display - so if you're going to come at LARPcon come say hi/leave your bags behind the table/froth and people to encourage them to join our game.

You'll also have seen the fancy poster design and advert I've drawn together for social media posting, you can share it from this page as it includes a summary of the rules, we've had a nice uptick in interest in the society so spread the word/share/retweet/whatever thank you to Max for the graphics on that.

Props and Storage

For a long time now Tim and Lauren have been kind enough to store the trailer for us, but now it is time for it to move on to a new home - we've got two options available to us that should be firmed up in time for a transfer of the trailer at E59. If you have a home you wish to offer please do come forwards.

The Metal Gate which has gone unused for a couple of years and which we are not able to realistically store or transport any longer will be leaving society control, the lovely Seán has agreed to buy it back off of the society on favourable terms with the option for us to hire it off him along with one of his vastly superior trailers should we wish to use it. In exchange he will be working with his team at Skian Mhor to replace our aging Jaffa Armour with something durable and long-lasting.

We have completed purchase of six new staff weapons for the society kit to replace the non-LARP-safe wooden ones, and compliment the staffs built by Mark a few years ago meaning with the above armour we will be able to deploy a squad of ten armoured Jaffa from society kit. I, Paul and the plot-cos feel it is important to shore up the kit for our most common and default foes in order to give a good baseline of kit in the trailer to support events strongly tied to the Stargate canon.

Nigel has very kindly offered to produce a new base for the electric DHD closer to the canon material which will remain easily transportable along with the DHD itsself.

Both Chris and Orev have offered the society their services and the services of their 3D printers for the production of a a set of zats and new hand devices.

For the meantime we will continue to make use of the dustbin DHDs (if it aint broke don't fix it) as the marker for 'field' gates until such a time that we have a viable plan in place for new lightweight 'field gates' that can be easily moved around sites but also look pretty.


Paul has been a great aid as the fellow admin-focused member of the exec in sorting out some necessary payments we needed to outlay as well as supporting and discussing the decisions made above. Following the vote at the AGM the Logistics Patches have been ordered and are on their way to Paul from where they will be distributed to individuals who have requested them.

Purchase of the the remaining Division Patches off of Chris has been completed who kindly supplied the first batch out of his own pocket these will remain as stock for giving to new PCs at their first games. At this point in time we are not planning on a reissue of the SEF patches yet.

The state of the treasury has been kept a careful mind on, we are now fully settled with our accounts for E59 and in a position to push bookings out for that soon. We are currently looking at how to modernise the booking system in respect of the often short turn-around on booking between events but we have not settled on a solution yet.


The Plot Coordinators have opened downtimes and are using these slow months to work out their approach going forwards and liaising with the E59 team (Myself, Sam, Claudia, Paul) in order to ensure the plot is in line with our narrative.


The System Refs have only just completed handover with their predecessors and are in the process of taking stock of the situation.

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