Pricing of 2020 events

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Pricing of 2020 events

Post by Tempest » Tue Jan 21, 2020 11:48 pm

Copied from Pres post on Facebook

Pricing of 2020 Events

Hello folks, the disadvantage of getting to make posts about good things, like the logistics patches, is that sometimes you need to make a, not persay, NEGATIVE one as a less fun and exciting one.

It's no secret that the game has been on the low side of players in the past year or so.

Thanks to Will's hard work as treasurer we have a nice comfortable surplus of funds that gives the society a rainy day fund to shore us up against change so that isn't a threat to our survival, however as petrol prices rise and the material costs of props increase, and site fees become more and more of an issue the fact that we are scraping around twenty players a game means we need to make a few hard decisions about pricing at least until numbers pick up at which point we will review and adjust as appropriate.

Ultimately we shouldn't be subsidising events where we can avoid it and eating into the surplus - and it isn't a sign of a healthy system where we get a bit nervous if too many regular players crew.

To this end we will be adjusting the base ticket price this year to £85.00

It is my hope that through promoting the Society, via LARPcon, Social Media, Cal Mah and whatever other avenues we can find for promotion that we can get numbers back up to a regular 30/35 player base and review this price and hopefully return to the more 'grassroots' small system pricing before the year is out, but for now it is the agreement of the administrative side of the exec (myself and the Sec/Treasurer) that this will be the adjustment until we have reached those numbers again.

I am really sorry and I understand this will upset some people but that's why I wanted to make a transparent announcement about it NOW rather than springing a price variation on you when booking opens.

My inbox is open at if you want to talk to me about this, if you need help finding ways to finance your attendance at games I will do my best to find a way to work with Paul to enable your continued access to Stargate LRP games.
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