Membership Year 2017-18

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Membership Year 2017-18

Post by Woody » Mon Jun 05, 2017 10:00 pm

Please remember to be a full Member you need to fill in the form AND pay the £20

If you are not in a group you think you should be please let me know

The following people are full members

Claudia S
Bobbie D
Edward D
Nicola D
Nicholas L
Conor McN
Nigel B
Orev D
Sally B
Stuart W
Carl M
Mark F
Mark H
Ben M
Fraser R
William H
Chloe W
Russell K
Neill C
Tristian G
Sammy W
Deborah C
Paul Barton
Ryan J
Richard S
Cherrelle C

The following people have paid but have not done a form
Kev O
Marc W

The following people have done a form but not paid yet

Gareth P
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