Not a State of the Union

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Not a State of the Union

Post by Woody » Tue Oct 03, 2017 1:40 pm

Presidents do a state of the Union

I am not a president I just make him look good.

First next event
We have 9 player places left and bookings are open to all feel free to talk to your mates who want to give it a try. I am sure on past experience Debbie Collington and team will run a cracking event

Second vote on AGM date
This matter will go out on email prior to the next event and assuming I am there I will take votes in person at the end of the event

New year event (now with possible added AGM)
The date for this is in discussion with the site it is likely to be one of the last two weeks in January 2018 and at Oxenwood the location of last year's event. Once we have a confirmed date I will update you all

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