Hits and Calls

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Hits and Calls

Post by Tim_Mawson » Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:20 pm

Hi all

I'm currently putting together a little (credit card size) quick reference guide for myself with the different hit bands on one side and calls on the other.

Are the refs happy with this and can I show it to you first because obviously I'll be truncating stuff.


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Re: Hits and Calls

Post by Alliandra » Wed Mar 25, 2015 6:46 pm

That sounds like an awesome idea.

I know you said it was just for you, but if it works might it be something that could be done for more people?

I certainly find all the calls a bit confusing as a newbie!
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Re: Hits and Calls

Post by Earthbinder » Wed Mar 25, 2015 8:04 pm

I Like this
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Re: Hits and Calls

Post by Cosmo » Wed Mar 25, 2015 8:48 pm

That is a great idea.
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Re: Hits and Calls

Post by Munroe » Wed Mar 25, 2015 10:33 pm

Absolutely. If you want a hand, give us a shout.
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Re: Hits and Calls

Post by Shadowdak » Thu Mar 26, 2015 12:06 am

Amazing idea#
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