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Stargate LRP Rules V9.0.1

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 9:36 am
by RJones
Ladies and Gentlemen, We are finally there!!! After 150+ hours and 3 very stress-headache riddled system referees, I am proud to announce the delivery of the
Stargate Live Action Roleplay Rulebook V9.0.1.

There are a number of very important things that run along with this, so PLEASE before you open the new document or contact your exec representatives please read the below.


1 – V9.0.1. IS NOT LIVE OR IN PLAY until Time In at the next event.
As such, your current downtime is not effected, and you do not have to alter your submission.

2 – There are changes in the rules that may directly interact with your character.
IF your character has been directly impacted by a rules change in V9.0.1. please email both the system referees and the Plot cos with the specific details.
WE ARE AWARE that some things have changed and THERE ARE plans in place.
Please do not panic.
An example of where characters have been impacted: Where a character has purchased the AP “Tough As Nails”.
V9.0.1. has removed Green Wound Cards, and as such “Tough As Nails” is obsolete and removed.
The Plot Co’s and the System Refs have a procedure for this kind of discrepancy.

3 – If you are going to contact a member of the exec, PLEASE DO SO BY EMAIL.
We are volunteers and really would prefer our FaceBook or Twitter PMs remain SG free as much as possible.

4 – This is a living document, as such there may be errors, typos, loopholes and goofs.
Please do point them out, in a polite constructive and understanding manner by email to the system refs.
We will reply in kind. :D

5- There is no DELTA or Change Log this time around.
The reason is simply that the alterations, Quality of Life tweaks and changes are so broad and numerous that a comprehensive change log was simply untenable. The solution was just to move from point-releases with change logs to a complete version overhaul.
From V9.0.1. to V9.0.2 there will be a change log included as an appendix to the actual document rather than held separately.

6- The Front Cover is art is a place holder.
(I got my crayons out!)
If there are any budding artists out there who think that they can do better, (Not a high bar), PLEASE DO SO!
All submissions for Cover Art submitted to the system referee email account before October 1st will be voted on by members of the exec and the favorite will take pride of place in the rule book.

I hope you enjoy the work we have put in to get us here.
Thank you and as ever, don’t forget to have fun!

(On behalf of the System Referees)