Welcome to stargatelrp.co.uk

The home of the unofficial UK Stargate LRP system.

As of 2015 Stargate LRP have been running for 10 Years, the system and Society has been around a long time and we have built on the story originally outlined in the Stargate TV show.

The system takes place in a setting where a third Stargate was discovered beneath stonehenge and was put into use by the British Government, players form a part of the British-led Stargate Expeditionary Force (SEF).

Stargate LRP is a Sci-Fi live action role-play society inspired by the popular film Stargate, and the television series Stargate SG-1. We are a not for profit live role playing society, run by role-players for role-players. After all these years Stargate LRP has consistently provided new players and long term members an immersive and fun experience that makes people keep coming back to see a little more.

If you’re new to Stargate LRP and want to know a little more, please contact: president.sglrp@gmail.com

All players and crew must be 18 and over.

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