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A standard issue CEMAT weapon
Chemically Enhanced Magnetic Acceleration Technology (CEMAT) also known as Chemrail is a hybrid form of firearms and railgun weapon developments. Improvements in production and miniaturisation has allowed for the development of handheld weapons that use this technology.


CEMAT uses a two-stage firing system:

  1. An enhanced round is fired in a modified firing chamber, and the projectile moves down the barrel.
  2. As the projectile moves down the barrel of the weapon, it is accelerated further by the use of electromagnetic coils.

I prevent over-penetration, the CEMAT round uses a polymer jacketed frangible shell which contains a series of ferric-steel slugs. The polymer shell is designed to keep the round in tact during flight, and will split upon impact with a medium-resistance object. The steel slugs allow the round to be accelerated within the barrel of the weapon, and are designed to separate upon impact with the target. The deformation and separation of the polymer shell and steel slugs allows for a greater transfer of kinetic energy whilst maintaining suitable ballistic properties.

A standard SA80-A2 has a muzzle velocity of 940m/s (Mach 2.7). The newly produced SA80-CEMAT2 has a muzzle velocity of 2,744m/s (March 8). The increased velocity of a CEMAT round greatly improves the accuracy of the weapon. The Electrical components of a CEMAT weapon are powered by a miniature bio-powercell designed by the SEF, and supplemented by a magnetic energy recycling system.This allows for the weapon to be used in a wide variety of environments.

Since it's introduction in 2016, CEMAT has been refined and put into general use within the British and UNE armed forces. CEMAT weapons can often be identified by their blue case markings.

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