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Cultural Database

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This section contains a list of the various Cultures, Races, and societies that the SEF have encountered, or been made aware of.

Name Homeworld Notes Root Culture
Aethernauts Unknown Unknown
Ancients Unknown Ancient civilization, created the gate network. Now ascended. N/A
Arenna Free Nations Unknown Unknown Unknown
Asgard Unknown Very old civilization, the typical little grey men. N/A
Caluu LAS70N Silicon and Carbon based life form able to adapt their form to different environments. N/A
Challans Tuchalla Hostile culture, who invaded Sulimer in 2015 Unknown
Computer Prime Computer Prime (Planet) N/A
The Crusade N/A N/A
Elysians Elysia Members of The Alliance - 1950's style humans, with Tesla tech. Unknown
Empire of the Golden Sun Unknown Japanese
Fae Unknown N/A
Fomori Unknown N/A
Free Jaffa Unknown Members of The Alliance - Jaffa who overcame their servitude to the Goa'Uld. N/A
Galadeen Galadeen Prime Unknown
Goa'uld P3X-888 (Originally) N/A
Grandine Grandine (Planet) Members of The Alliance N/A
Great Old Ones Unknown N/A
Greater German Reich Dresden Members of The Alliance - Descendants of German colonists. German
Harrowed Unknown N/A
Hegemony Gate Command HGC Universe N/A
Inner Britannians Inner Britannia (Planet) Descendants of Victorian explorers. British
Jaffa N/A Genetically modified Humans who serve the Goa'uld. N/A
Kala'aii Unknown Unknown
Keb Unknown very ancient race, now extinct. Created a lot of technology much of it extremely dangerous. N/A
Kuma-ai Unknown Unknown
Nanite Cyborgs Unknown Cyborgs created by Nanites N/A
Night City Night City (Planet) Unknown
Odyssians Colchis Greek (Spartans)
Palmyrans Palmyra Nomadic tribal society Unknown
Saltirans Saltris (Planet) Unknown
Saurians Unknown N/A
Scrappers Magellan Group of former refugees living in the Small Magellanic Cloud. Mixed
Sem Unknown Seem to be of Earth decent. Higher technological standard than us. Unknown
Silvalis Unknown Humanoid Plant-people N/A
Sulimerans Sulimer Regency-era English style culture, with knowledge of a healing "water" substance known as Aqua Vitae Greek + European
Syndicate Unknown A multi-racial criminal organisation. Mixed
Tau'r'ade Unknown Unknown
Telecine / Trecertien Unknown N/A
Telmark Telmark (Planet) Roman
Tengu Unknown Avian species, that exists in non-linear time. N/A
Tok'ra Unknown N/A
Theil + Dallatha & Othreim Unknown N/A
Unas P3X-888 N/A


Name Notes
Brain spores Fungal spores which take over sentient beings and increase their brain power.
Silicon lifeform Encountered on the Gamma site
Symbiote snake like parasitic creature, hosted versions include the Goa'uld, Tok'ra, and Ash'rak
Husks Hostile race of creatures that drain memories and life force.

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