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Population centres

Where do they live? How do they live?


Who/what governs them? How do they decide things? Any important laws?


What / who do they believe in?


Are they developed enough to allow for professions? What are the common themes of jobs?

Social Classes

How is their society structured? What social classes do they have? What separates these classes?


What do they write about? How do they record information?


What is their art like? What are their buildings like?


What is their food and drink like?

Public Works

Do they have any public infrastructures? Transport, sanitation, energy, etc.


How do they fight? What do they use to fight?


How do they act? Key RP points.


How do they dress? Do they have markings/makeup? Physrep requirements.


Do they have any rituals when meeting each other? How do they approach new faces?


  • Spacefaring: Do they have ships? FTL or sub-light?
  • Colonisers: Have they settled on other worlds? I.e Could the SEF visit them without having to go to their homeworld?
  • Explorers:Do they send people through the gate to explore? I.e could the SEF encounter them randomly on deployment?

Technology comparison

  • Construction Technology: How good are they are building large things.
  • Manufacturing Technology: How good are they are making small things. Includes Materials.
  • Biological Technology: How good are they are Medicine and farming.
  • Transportation Technology: How good are they at getting around.
  • Communication Technology: How good are they at sharing information.
  • Energy Technology: How good are they at providing power.


Recent History

Recent interactions

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