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[ Hand Devices]

[ Introduction]

Device worn on the hand, covering the hand and extending out onto the fingers.

Two forms are known to exsist. One is of Ancient design of which we know of one. The more common version is of Goa'uld construction though may be derived from the Ancient version.

The Ancient version can only be used if you carry the Ancient gene and the Goa'uld version can only be used if you have Naquadah in your blood.

[ Summary of properties]

Basic functions are similar but the Goa'uld verison is aimed more towards inflicting hurt than the Ancient version. Both can be used to push a being away from you or to hold them paralised. However the Goa'uld version is comonly used to inflict extreme amounts of pain while holding the victum paralised. Extended periods of use will rapidly age the victim leading eventually to death.

The Ancient verison locks itself on to the user though there is a release code. It also tries to repair the user, unfortunatly this has serious consiquences as it was not designed for human use and therefore any use should be extremely carefully monitored and only be for short periods of time. Finally there were warnings on the tablets found with it of possible psychlogical problems with repeated use.Under no circumstances should anyone be allowed to wear one contiunously. The mission we aquired one on is here

There are no known side effects of the Goa'uld version.

[ Empirical observation]

[ Experimental work]

[ Conclusions]

The Ancient verison should only be used for short periods of time under strict medical supervision.

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