Japan world first contact

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Location Japan World Objective Japanese Influenced world, first contact.
Personnel Ad-Hoc

This mission was an unmitigated disaster, and a prime example of what can happen when a team is drawn seemingly at random and lumped under someone's command. just because some personnel hadn't been off world on this tour doesn't make them suitable for a first contact.

Deployment through the gate was sloppy, but acceptable. When we arrived, the world was under night conditions, so it was all but impossible to compare to Earth. After a short reconnaissance, lights, and chanting were heard from ahead. Cautiously we investigated. It appeared that we had arrived during a tea ceremony. Knowing the language, or at least a dialect of what they were speaking, and having a vague idea of the general courtesies, I put myself to the forefront of the negotiations.

From what they were saying I could gather that they were expecting some kind of second coming through the gate. They mistook us for Gods, and told us of a device that they had been keeping for this second coming. While I was speaking with the head person, a sensible and well presented young lady, styled almost like a Geisha, the rest of the team were speaking with the other locals; one of the team, not understanding the language, just nodded and smiled as a local accused him of being a demon, elsewhere the team had been careless with their language, and had taught these people some Earth curse words, in addition to this, they seem to have also taught these people that all are equal, risking sending them into communism. The problems can't all be blamed on the inexperience of the team.

The natives were very simple, and took every thing to the extreme; at the mention of saki, they all became alcoholics, one drinking herself into unconsciousness, at the mention of any sort of competition they became physical and tussled with each other, they were almost like children rather than any kind of society that could survive … well … anything. The people, as previously mentioned, were custodians of something that brings 'balance to the lands', which would be restored if we would be able to open some box. The box in question would choose who would be the one to open it.(?) This seemed strange, but, I suppose, not unlike other things discovered in the course of UKGC. Whatever the trigger, none of the present team could work it.

With none of my assigned team able to open the box, I ordered a dial through to the Delta Site and requested the rest of my regular team to be sent through, knowing what was happening to Sergei, I had hoped that he might have been able to shed some light on the problem at hand, and I thought I may need Masters, who's known Sergei prior their time at UKGC to translate through sign language or some such. However, instead of my regular team, I was sent Maj. Calvin.

Maj. Calvin it seemed had that special 'thing' required, and was hailed as a God by the locals. His comment about “Is this where we yoink and run” didn't help much, and taught the locals a new word, 'yoink'. Finally Sergei and Maj. Masters arrived through the gate, and between them deciphered the package that Calvin had, and opened it to reveal what Sergei said was a healing device. Using the healing device on a local who'd supped too much saki and was suffering the effects of alcohol poisoning cured the patient, but seemed to cause spontaneous bleeding from nose, eyes, and ears from Maj. Calvin. With things rapidly degenerating, I ordered the team back to the gate, and tried to undo the damage done by the team to the strangely simple locals. This may require more work.

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Report by Allan Freeman

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