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[ Xenobiological Database]

Please use the template found here to create reports. The Symbiote report is a good example of how to add extra sections as neeeded.
  • Asgard or Greys - Very old civilization, the typical little grey men.
  • Jaffa - Genetically modified Humans who serve the Goa'uld. (includes independant groups such as those Jaffa from the planet of Sodan )
  • Caluu - Silicon and Carbon based life form able to adapt their form to different enviroments.
  • Urdu - Blue skinned, very knowldegable about Gate technology.
  • Sem - seem to be of Earth decent. Higher tecnological standard than us.
  • Keb - very ancient race, now extinct. Created a lot of technology much of it extremely dangerous.
  • Nanite Cyborgs - Cyborgs created by Nanites as mentioned in ….. Mission Report
  • Cat People - Warrior society, seemingly matriarchal.
  • Brain Spores - Fungal spores which take over sentient beings and increase thier brain power.
  • Ethernauts - Seemingly human in physiology, encountered due to distress call. Culturally more reserved than Earth Humans, technologically more advanced with self-imposed limitations by 'The Church of the One'.

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