Active cycle 1

From Stargate LRP

Tour of Duty 1

Deployment ID UKGC/05/Delta.01 Codename CLASSIFIED
Deployment Date 2005-MM-DD OOC Location CLASSIFIED
Brief This was the official reformation of the UKGC after it's disbanding a few years back. Nearly all personnel brought in were new to UKGC and in fact unaware what the program would entail before hand. All personnel were assigned teams at outset and were brought from a range of backgrounds including various arms of the Military, the Intelligence services and several Civilian Specialists.
After Team allocation and initial briefing on the nature of the program an offworld training session was organised for all the teams. After this there was a series of missions over the course of the weekend. Also at one point the base was attacked by terrorists backed by a Gould attempting to use the Stargate to get off earth.

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