Active cycle 3

From Stargate LRP

Tour of Duty 3

Deployment ID UKGC/06/Delta.03 Codename Active Cycle 3
Deployment Date 2006-MM-DD OOC Location CLASSIFIED

For this Tour Of Duty all personnel had been evacuated from earth. Most field teams had been moved to the Delta site where a base had been hastily erected. The reason for this was that Dr James Kibble and JT Van Horne had both detected anomalies in the Sun and so teams had been moved out to resolve this.

It was discovered that a 'Star Buster' weapon had been placed in the sun and eventually all the parts were recovered and the device was removed from the sun. Unfortunately before this was done a lot of damage had been done to earth due to the solar flares including large tracts of water drying up, em pulses destroying many electrical equipment and so forth which still earth is recovering from until today.


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