Active cycle 4

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Tour of Duty 4

Deployment ID UKGC/06/Delta.04 Codename Active Cycle 4
Deployment Date 2006-MM-DD OOC Location CLASSIFIED

After the events of the third tour of duty, it was 5 days before regular contact with Earth could be established.

The images received previously from the Tok'Ra were accurate. Earth was intact, but damaged. Atmospheric disturbances of an extreme nature devastate the globe, crops are seared out of the ground, all unsheilded electrical equipment suffers from EM pulses, and people experience illness from the solar radiation. The death toll is probably a quarter of the World's population and rising.

But the world *is* still there and in the UK at least, life appears to be going on .

Reports come in from other bases of Goa'uld attacks on off-world sites.

3 days ago, the Cah'luu were able to synthesise bodies for the aliens who had swapped places with the personnel in the spheres. Everyone was able to come home. JT and Forrester were given leave to return to Earth to find out what had happened with their families.

Then a day ago the attack took place. Aerial bombardment from Goa'uld ships. The gate was locked off by dialling out so no one could attack through it, and the base personnel and movable equipment was evacuated to UKGC Gamma site.

The problem with Earth's climate and food supplies is desperate. UKGC's mission may be, more crucial than ever at this point. but with the infrastructure struggling, resources are scarce. Several private partners were scheduled to visiting the base, for discussions on possible funding agreements.

It was discovered that there was still a plan to destroy earth sun and so there was a continued attempt to stop this. These attempts were hampered by a Keb device on the planet which appeared to be causing time fluctuations and also a local indigenous life form which wanted to drain any power sources they found.

Culminated with an attack on ??? to destroy the device (or actually re target it) followed by an attempt to take out Team Phantom a rogue team. Also Dr Chase was captured by them and not recovered. - Dr James Kibble



  • Maxwell Summers
  • (Catherine Jenner)
  • (Ryan Nichols)
  • (Nicolas Highway)


  • Ken Adams
  • MacKenzie Rizen
  • Jason Andrews
  • John Sumner
  • Edward Pike

Lloyd George:

  • Sophie Robertson Knight
  • Alexander Molotov
  • Jason Maddox
  • Steven Daniels
  • Harry Font


  • Richard Calvin
  • William Forrester (leave)
  • James Merryweather
  • Connor Armstrong
  • Mark Harris


  • Alan Freeman
  • JT Van Horne (leave)
  • Robin Masters
  • Sergei Klimov
  • Edward Satler


  • Aaron Symmons
  • John Knox
  • Dr Robert Tyler
  • Dr Robert Stevenson
  • Cpt. Patrick Reid

Base Personnel:

  • Rachel Collingwood- Base Commander
  • Keser Lewis – senior Duty Officer
  • Dr Olivia Chase – Base Medical Officer
  • Dr Kibble -

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