Active cycle 5

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Tour of Duty 5

Deployment ID UKGC/06/Delta.05 Codename Active Cycle 5
Deployment Date 2006-10-13 OOC Location CLASSIFIED

Return to the Delta site to resolve some issues there from before as well as looking into a number of matters. - Dr James Kibble

The first night there it was discovered that the Jaffa had laid booby traps about the place, 1 UKGC member was injured during decommissioning of a device in the Latrine. Other devices were found in both the Barracks and Command areas. During the course of the 48 hour Active assault many Jaffa infiltrated the base area and its environs, making guerrilla attacks whenever possible. The Jaffa attacking us were wearing dark grey cloaks, little to no armour, and had an inverted V symbol on their foreheads. - Raymond Gordon

Situation update Saturday 14th October Delta site 7.45 am.


Team Eden

  • Jason Andrews
  • Edward Pike
  • Nicholas Highway
  • Marcus Jameson

Team Lloyd-George

  • Sophie Robertson Knight
  • Alexander Molotov
  • Harry Font
  • Steven Daniels
  • Jason Maddox
  • Maxwell Summers

Team MacDonald

  • Richard Calvin
  • William Forester
  • James Merryweather
  • Connor Armstrong
  • Benjamin Breeg

Team Wellington

  • Alan Freeman
  • Robin Masters
  • Sergei Klimov
  • Cain Reaver
  • Dr Fox

Team Gladstone

  • Aaron Symmons
  • John Knox
  • Dr Richard Tyler
  • Dr Robert Stevenson

Team Grey

  • Percival Harlington
  • Joe Modeski
  • Rigby O’Brien
  • Christopher Cushing
  • George Morris

Team Bevan

  • Richard Gordon
  • Steven Banks
  • Jane Gordon
  • Raymond Gordon

Base Personnel

  • Rachel Collingwood
  • Keser Lewis
  • Steven Daniels
  • Dr Kibble

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