Active cycle 8

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Tour of Duty 8

Deployment ID UKGC/07/Delta.08 Codename Active Cycle 8
Deployment Date 2007-09-14 OOC Location CLASSIFIED
Brief Team Watson-Wentworth had gone missing while on a long term off world exploration. The UKGC mobilised to find the missing team and continue their exploration, and scientific and archaeological surveys.

Base Personnel:

  • Alexander Kincaid - Base Commander
  • Stockton Vandermaar – Liaison Officer
  • Raymond Gordon – Base Medical Officer

Team Grey:

  • Christopher Cushing
  • Steven Banks
  • Rob Knight
  • Dr. Hob

Team Lloyd-George:

  • Sophie Robertson Knight
  • Maxwell Summers
  • William E. Johns
  • Steven Daniels
  • Richard Gordon

Team MacDonald:

  • Richard Calvin
  • Thomas Thorne
  • Jason Andrews
  • Sir James Thorne

Team Temple:

  • Harry Font
  • Kate Becker
  • James Benton
  • Joe Modeski

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