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Full Name: Alexander Stephen Kincaid Department: Military Status: Active Birthplace: Newcastle Sex: male Date of Birth: July 18th 1965 Known Aliases/Nicknames: Brig Blood Group: O Rh+ Date of Last Examination: 20-04-2007 Next Examination Due: 20-05-2007 Purpose of Examination: Post injury: GSW Left leg, Graze no Laceration Current Medications: Previous treatments(list all)1): June 2005 - Unknown Plant toxin in System, Severe muscle decay August 2004 - Shrapnel wound, Torn muscle Left leg, Full recovery December 2000 - Large Smooth wound to upper Right Calf, Self dressed, scarr but no permanent damage September 1997 - Broken Femur no need for rodding, fractured 1st and 3rd Carpals in left wrist(repeat fracture patient warned further fractures may lock joint) September 1993 - Nasal Fracture March 1992 - GSW U Right Quadrant, Lumbar puncture, Torn scapulohumeral muscle, chipped Clavicle. Emergency Evac to Altnagevlin A&E, Medical Leave 4 Weeks IC. July 1990 - Fractures to Metacarpals (both hands) crush injuries to collateral ligaments September 1988 - GSW Left Trapezius and Scapula, knife wound along anterior surface, pre GSW laceration, Nasal Fracture, Fracture 1st,2nd & 3rd Costae. July 1988 - Minor injuries to Hands,Fractured 1st and 3rd Carpals in Left wrist October 1986 - Fracture to 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 5th Carpals Left Wrist July 1984 - three month treatment for Neisseria g Ceftrixone 400 mg Daily for 28days then 200mg Daily {lol RG September 1982 - Elevated levels of B-Gamma AST in PB ?previous Cocaine use? July 1980 - Hairline fracture of Mandible - no treatment recieved

Known Allergies: Severe Allergy to Cefaximine (see July 1984)

Pre-existing medical Conditions:

Possible recurrent infection of //Neisseria g// suggest monitor
Severe damage to Left wrist, suggest constant monitoring (advised patient not to punch people)

Examination report2):

Brigadier Kincaid show signs of constant aggresive behaviour (see psych report for further information)
The previous high levels of B-Gamma AST may be due to a past Drug habit, suggest further investigation ?Liver disease or Hepatoma
The wound from Dec 2000 appears to be a Large blade wound but patient denies any contact with a Blade


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