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Full Name: Alexander Stephen Kincaid Department: Military Status: Active Birthplace: Newcastle Sex: male Date of Birth: July 18th 1965 Known Aliases/Nicknames: Date of Last session: Next session Due: Purpose of session1): Current Medications:

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Alex Kincaid has a short and sometimes violet temper. While he for the most part manages to keep this under control it has lead to several incidents for which he has received both official and unofficial reprimands. Inter regimental Rugby matches seem to be a specific personal trigger. At times he shows a distant lack of respect for authority and regulations, however he is an able commander and he exhibits a fierce devotion to the regiment and to the men under his command.

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June 2005 - Suicidal due to grief and remorse which was compounded by being physically ill from serious poisoning. Under the circumstances which were extremely un-usual and unique his feelings were a perfectly normal response to the situation. After an extended session of counseling his state of mind improved sufficiently for him to be signed off for sick leave and moved to a more long term medical facility. A follow up psychiatric assessment was requested which confirmed that his mental state had stabilized once he had time to get over the shock both mental and physically. It should be stressed this incident should not been taken as an indication that he is in any way susceptible to mental instability, it was an isolated incident which will not and indeed could not arise again. KL

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