Alexander Munroe

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Name: Alexander Munroe
Date of Birth: 19/06/1982
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Previous Work: Platoon Sergeant, 1st Recon PWRR
Assignment: SEF: Team Eden
Birthplace: Blackburn, UK


October 1999 - Enlists in British Army, Princess of Wales Royal Regiment, 1st Batallion

March 2003: Promotion to Lance-Corporal, Command of Delta Fireteam, 1st Recon

May-November 2004 - Deployment: Iraq

November 2004: Promotion to Corporal, commanding Charlie Fireteam, 1st Recon

Febuary - October 2006 - Deployment: Iraq

January 2007 :Promotion to Sergeant, 1st Recon platoon

May 2008: Deployed to Afgahnistan, extended rotation.

April 2010: Wounded in Action (Afgahnistan, IED). Returned to England for convalescence.

August 2010: Commenced study of advanced Field Communications techniques, under orders. Reassigned to light/training duties indefinately.

April 2011 - Recruited to SEF. Temporary Assignment to Team North, deployed offworld to the Providence.

September 2011 - Reassigned: Team Bevan as 2IC.

December 2012 - Assigned duties as 2IC of Homeworld Security. 1 IC Corsham Base Security

January 2013 - Additional Duties, covered position as SEF research Chief during Scheduled leave for J. Merryweather.

February 2013 - Graduated, University of Cambridge. MPhil, Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

April 2013 - Promotion to Staff Sergeant.

January 2014 - Mentioned in Dispatches. Submitted application for the formation of Team Eden, and command of Team Eden. Requests Approved.


Small Firearms, Medium Firearms, Explosive Ordnance Use, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Advanced Signalling, Field Armourer, Goa'uld Crystal design and maintenance, Advanced Computing, MPhil: Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Field Navigation, Subspace Communication Technologies, Hand To Hand Combat, Field Electrical Engineering and Maintenance.

Languages Spoken: English, Latin, Italian, French, Spanish


Team Eden