Ancient healing device

From Stargate LRP

[ Unusable]

Discovered: Japan world first contact

Properties: promotes rapid regeneration tissue Capable of curing near lethal wounds

Energy Source: unknown, Draws some energy from person using it

Requirements: Used by operator on target Can only be used by certain UKGC Personnel

Warnings and Contra indications: Aquired as a loan, may be required to be returned Rapidly drains the user of energy and willpower Causes superficial damage to the mucus membranes of the Nose, Ears and Eyes of the user promotes mild anticoagulant effects on the user, resulting int excessive blood loss from damaged mucous membranes. Only To be used under medical supervision <Dr R Gordon Oct 18th 2006> Busted components and recovered parts in storage 41x82a used to re-power DHD in closed system loop worlds Compiled for records by Raymond Gordon

Returned to P3Q-262 in 2008

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