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 Arenna Free Nations - Stargate LRP

Arenna Free Nations

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Arenna Free Nations

General Overview

The last survivors of a destroyed civilisation, the Arenna Free Nations appeared to number no more than half a dozen individuals. May have access to at least preliminary data on several worlds due to their apparent disinclination to stay in one place for a long time. May have a 'base' world of which the location is not disclosed to outsiders. Last meeting: late 2006 by Grace Font whilst searching for the UKGC Delta Site.

Known Personalities

  • Colonel Ana Thorin (female) - military leader (Mental stability appears stretched - late 2006, assessment by Grace Font
  • Jaffa (female) - 'adopted' daughter of Colonel Thorin

Biological makeup

Appear human.

Social and Political

See 'known history'

Military Capability

Unknown/uncertain: offensive capability possibly low due to depleted numbers.

Known History

Led relentlessly by Colonel Thorin (military rank), these people appear to have survived some cataclysm that destroyed their civilisation and may have either destroyed their homeworld or made it uninhabitable. The original Arenna Free Nations appear to have been an alliance of countries/factions, drawn together to work in peace by the technological discovery of the workings of the Stargate travel system (although it can of course be argued that it could be seen as the 'greater threat' of what could come through the gate that united these nations). The 'team' led by Colonel Thorin appear to have had the same kind of structure and function that teams within the UKGC have; that is, exploration, first contact, assessment of threat. When the cataclysm came, it is believed that they were on their home world and led to safety by Colonel Thorin. Becoming the last known survivors of their entire world has caused them a great deal of pressure and stress above and beyond the usual call of their duty. Their ultimate goal appears either a little vague or well concealed from outsiders, but appears to involve finding other survivors of their homeworld.

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