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[ Stoker Petty Officer Bill Savage]

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[ Details]

  • Full Name: William Savage
  • Department: Security
  • Rank: Petty Officer
  • Clearance: Gamma 9
  • Status: Retired
  • Assignment: Retired
  • Call Sign: Delta 2
  • Birthplace: London, UK

[ Biographical Overview:]

  • Born: 1st Feb 1964, Edmonton, North London. Educated: Edmonton Secondary Modern. Academic achievement: CSE Grade 2 in Woodwork.
  • Royal Navy Career: Joined the Royal navy in 1981 as a Stoker. Assigned to a ship in 1982 just in time to be involved in the Falklands conflict. Assigned to a Naval Landing Party to assist (by carrying anything heavy) a RN Officer acting as forward observer before the main landings. Party was surprised by an enemy patrol, the Officer killed and Savage captured. His hands were handcuffed behind his back and he was thrown into the back of a lorry to be taken to the rear. After a few miles the lorry was attacked from the air and destroyed, Savage saved himself by throwing himself out the back and, fortunately avoiding any critical body part, landed on his head. He survived the next few days by eating raw penguin (that he had managed to kick hard enough to incapacitate) before being found by a friendly patrol and helicoptered back to his ship. Keen to avoid penguin in the future, he put himself forward for survival and evasion courses and discovered something of an aptitude for living off the land. His seniors recognised the value of Savage's hard head and he was trained in boarding actions and weaons use. He rose steadily through the ranks, eventually being posted as Chief Petty Officer Survival & Evasion Instructor to Royal Naval Training Establishment.
  • Posted to UKSEF in 2008. Initially assigned to Team North for rotation 10 before a permanent assignment to Team Wellington. Moved from Wellington to Staff on promotion to acting Warrant Officer.
  • Savage went missing in rotation 21 at about the time the planet started suffering extreme volcanic activity. He was following Cpl Millar through the Stargate to Earth for a re-supply mission but did not arrive on Earth. On his return 9 months later he was disciplined for going AWOL, downrated to Petty Officer and assigned to Team Disraeli.
  • At the request of Governer Gordon he is currently on Inner Britannia training indigenous forces.
  • Savage has now retired and lives on Inner Britannia, where he runs The Penguin's Arms, a pub in a rather rough area of the docks.

[ Certifications:]

  • Advanced Pistols
  • Small Arms
  • Support Weapons
  • Sniper Training
  • Explosives Training

[ Professional Qualifications:]

  • Investigation & Evidence Gathering
  • Survival/Evasion Instructor
  • Navigation
  • Certificate in Basic Engineering