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Address 4, 29, 26, 12, 13, 18 Status Team Watson-Wentworth have been abducted from this planet. Proceed here with all caution.
Societies Present None Allegiance N/A
Environment The world's flora and fauna indicate a mild / temperate climate. Geology
Gate Location Missions August 17th 2007 - Watson-Wentworth make preliminary reconnaissance
August 20th 2007 - Watson-Wentworth embark on a long-term science and archaeology expedition.
Notes The world is warm, has displayed no sign of an indigenous population or large predators, and seems earthlike in all ways. Artefacts recovered from this world seem to indicate an Amerind culture once lived here. No indigenous sentient life, no large predators, presence of small herbivores, and birdlife is acknowledged.

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