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Full Name: Cain Emily Reaver Department: Civilian Rank: Not Applicable Clearence: UKGC03 Status: Active Assignment: Team Wellington Birthplace: Paignton, Devon Known Aliases/Nicknames: Stealth Cat, Darth Bobo, Ace

[ Biographical Overview:]

Miss Cain Emily Reaver, 24, is from Paighton, Devon and studies in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Employed by the UKGC more for her 'technical' expertise than her qualifications, Reaver was put into Team Wellington to bring the team up to date with bomb disposal knowledge. Although not military, she has taken to operations like a duck to water and has been involved with several combat missions alongside Team Lloyd George.

She has saved many peoples asses, often literally, when they have triggered mines and although she doesn't use particularly widely used techniques, they do seem to work.

It is unknown where she has aquired the skills she possesses, such as talents in Computer Hacking and Demolitions. Some have hinted to a background in Anarchic Operations but after some research into her character by UKGC psychologists, this has been deamed unlikely due to her being far too lovely to engage in such horrific acts. It's apparantly more likely that she's read the Anarchists Cookbook and World War Z and taken it all to heart.

[ Certifications:]

Small Firearms Medium Firearms Demolitions Disposals

[ Professional Qualifications:]

BSc Des in Infection Biology from University of Glasgow. BSc Hons in Molecular and Cellular Biology from University of Glasgow. MSci in Pathological Sciences from Edinburgh University. Currently taking a hiatus from pHd research at Edinburgh University.

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