Captain sir james thorne

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[ Captain Sir James Thorne P.hd MC KCMG]

[ Details]

Full Name: Sir James Thorne P.hd MC KCMG Department: Military Rank: Captain Clearance: UKGC 04 Status: Active Assignment: Team North 1ic Birthplace: Leicester, UK

[ Biographical Overview:]

[ Certifications:]

Small Firearms Medium Firearms Large Firearms Support Weapons Demolitions E.o.d (Disposal) Melee

Goa'uld Technology Use - Staff Weapon (Ranged) Goa'uld Technology Use - Zat’ni’katel Goa'uld Technology - Dial Home Device Goa'uld Technology - Naquadah

[ Professional Qualifications:]

BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering, Bristol University, 1996

Doctorate in Civil Engineering, Open University, 1998

Research project: Structural integrity of mobile bridging units

Basic Computers

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