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Full Name: Dr Connor Armstrong Department: Civilian Status: Active Birthplace: Leicester, UK Sex: male Date of Birth: 01 06th 1946 Known Aliases/Nicknames: Date of Last session: Next session Due: Purpose of session1): Current Medications:

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Interview with Dr Christopher Cushing 11/01st/2006

I was brought up in an age where, mostly, you just “got on with it”. Complaints like PTSD where barely identified, never mind about understood. Largely I have “just got on with it”. I get very tired of my shoulder hurting constantly, it never goes away. If the bullets had been six inches to my left, it wouldn’t hurt at all. I’m glad to still be here, wrecked shoulder & all.

I guess I’m something of a chauvinist. Women going in harms way bothers me. I was pretty distressed when Rachel, er Ms Collingwood was stuck in the ball on Sphere world. Oddly enough Sophie being in the same situation didn’t bother me. I suppose you’ve been told I got rat arsed then, even though Flt. Lieut. Harris covered up for me? I tell you, I’m fucking angry about Dr Chase being snatched as well. The leadership of this project is pretty haphazard. Base defence is unco-ordinated, there’s no real perimeter defence. Our objectives are cloudy, Are we supposed to be doing anthropological research, establishing friendly relations with alien races, fighting the Goa’uld, catching the four horsemen or what. No one seems to be setting priorities & if we’re supposed to be doing the lot we’re woefully short staffed.

I guess I’ve been around the military too long, griping about the “brass” is a way of life.

I suppose the one thing that’s really messing with my head is the VR mission. It all seemed incredibly real. I still can’t figure out how we got into it. There was no moment of transition. Going from arriving on the planet to within the virtual world appears utterly seamless to me, so the torture, the cutting off limbs, bunging me into the sarcophagus waking up all put back together again & starting over, all seem utterly real. I mean they where so real that it didn’t even occur to me that emptying my pistol point blank into that bitch and having no effect was impossible, ergo it was some sort of hallucination. I still get nightmares, very vivid ones, but like I say I was brought up to get on with it. After an experience like that I wouldn’t expect not to have nightmares. If you can do anything about stopping them I’d appreciate it. I guess I’m going down the Laphroig & Talisker a bit too fast, & it’s hard to get single malt treated as essential supplies. I suppose the worst thing is I’ve stopped enjoying it, I just drink it. Oh & don’t go marking me down as an alky, I’ve got the sense to keep it to a stiff nightcap, and not on duty. It isn’t a problem when I’m busy. A chance to get close to that cow again in reality would be most satisfying. I’ve tuned up the rounds for that little hideout gun a bit, I’d like to see her snake try to repair the holes they’ll make now. Doc,

After my interview, it occured to me that there is something rather fundemental that I/we missed. Not since I was a youth have I had significant cause to question my own judgement. With due modesty, I'm damn good at what I do and I'm used to being very confident of the decisions I take & the conclusions I reach. Now having found myself completely unable to distinguish reality from an illusion on the VR planet, I suddenly find myself questioning my own judgement & severely lacking in confidence.

I should have brought this up at the interview but it was really only reflecting on the interview that brought me to this realisation. I hope this is helpful in your evaluation.

With another attack of hindsight, I guess I'm not too impressed with myself that we destroyed an inhabited star system with the Sun Killer 2 mission

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