David creed

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Department AGIS Position Director of AGIS


FILE EXCERPT- Maneuvers with 20th Armoured- Herford, Germany. 2002.


Alias / AKA “Duck” Status Inactive - No longer assigned to the SEF
Key Skills
  • Small Arms
  • Advanced Pistols
  • Support Weapons
  • Sniper Trained
  • Staff Weapon (Ballistic Rated)
  • Experimental Kit (Qunietiq)
  • Basic Unarmed Combat
  • Explosives Training
    • Disposal
    • Demolition
  • Medic (First Response Course)
  • Forensics Qualification (Spec: Ballistic Forensic Analysis).
Rank Sir

Biographical Information

Service History

2001 -
Joined The British Army with no educational distinction.

2002 -
Passed out into the Queen's Royal Hussars, attached to 1st (UK) Armoured Division, (20th Armoured Brigade “Iron Fist”) as a Junior Crewman.

2003 -
Promoted to Corporal (Gunner) Challenger II Qualified. (Deployed on Op. TELIC 3)

2006 -
Deployed with 20th Armoured (Op. TELIC 8)

2007 -
Seconded post selection to the British Security Service. (MI5) as a Systems Specialist.

2007-2010 -
Periodical activation in a Specialist/Advisor capacity.

October 2010 -
Transferred to S.O.E. as a Weapons Systems Specialist Training Agent.
Declassified Operational Records include;

  • Trapper Creek
  • Chernyshevsk
  • Cyprus

April 2011- Present
Recruited along with other operatives from the Executive into the UKGC-SEF Program.

August 2011
Promotion to Sergeant, Queen's Royal Hussars, (Attached: 20th Armoured Division).

August 2012
Promotion to Third in command, Corsham Base Security.

January 2014
Promotion to Section Chief (SOE), MI5.

Notable Activities

  • Operation: P.R.

- 15th-17th Apr 2011

First Deployment with SEF.
Encountered M.....(REDACTED).
Complete cellular re-construction. (See Psychological File)

  • Operation: W.C.B.

- 24th-26th Jun 2011

Commendation for Bravery - Promotion to Sergeant.

  • Operation: Z.P.

- 30th-31st Sep 2011

Water World. (See report File)

  • Operation: T.G.O.C.T.C.

- 6th-8th Jan 2012

Supernatural manifestation banished.

  • Operation: B.S.C.

- 30th-31st Mar 2012

Front of the charge on P....(REDACTED).
Survived the 'kill room'.

  • Operation: T.T.W.L.B.

- 20th-22nd Jul 2012

Delegation Mission disrupted by incursion.
partial Cellular re-construction. (See Psychological File)

  • Operation: C.R.T.

- 9th-11th Nov 2012

Heading Corsham Base Security. (Not Deployed)

  • Operation: T.L.S.

- 4th-6th Jan 2013

Part of Delegation to meet the T....(REDACTED) and the K.....(REDACTED)

  • Operation: 234

- 12th-15th Mar 2013

Suffered Catastrophic physical and mental trauma.(See Psychological File)
Complete cellular re-construction. (See Psychological File)

  • Operation: S.A.

- 21st-23rd Jun 2013

Heading Corsham Base Security. (Not Deployed)

  • Operation: L.E.

- 4th-6th Oct 2013

Heading Corsham Base Security. (Not Deployed)

  • Operation: T.S.O.T.

- 3rd-5th Jan 2014

Training Weekend in Scotland.

  • Operation: P.B.

- 4th-6th Apr 2014

On leave - Now AWOL (CLASSIFIED).

  • Operation: L.T.W.

- 4th-6th Jul 2014


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