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At the end of tour of duty 3 the Goa'uld Tezcatlipoca launched a major attack from orbit upon the Delta site base.

Anticipating retaliation for thwarting the Sun killer attack on earth, Mark Harris had advised preparations to be made for a speedy evacuation. With the assistance of Hunter a demolitions expert briefly assigned to Team MacDonald the major structures were mined with explosive & the damaged American Naquadah Generator & Connor Armstrong's Portable naquadah reactor were also mined. Connor removed hard the drives/ transferred data to laptops for medical engineering & gate computers, & requested Merryweather to dismantle the computer/gate interface, considering that the ability to detect when your local gate is being dialled, before the wormhole is established, conferred by possession of a gate computer/interface, is too strategically important to be allowed to fall into the hands of the Goa'uld at any cost. Hunter mined all the main computers with enough explosives/incendiaries to totally slag them.

All possibly hazardous samples/ lifeforms etc that couldn't be positively contained without power & under battlefield conditions were destroyed or safely disposed off by returning them to their planet of origin.

In the absence of Majors Masters & Calvin, Harris advised everyone that all valuable/ portable equipment/supplies/war stores/data should be packed up into reasonable man loads,

The assault commenced with Jaffa dropped outside the base encroaching under close air support from Death Gliders. The assault was of such a scale that a sustained base defence was deemed unviable & the site was evacuated through the gate. At some point Major Richard Calvin must have returned from Sphere world & deserves special commendation for successfully engaging a number of Death Gliders with anti armour missiles. Also, I am not aware who (probably James Merryweather) was on gate duty during the assault but they deserve a commendation for keeping the gate open for the duration of the evacuation & preventing further Jaffa incursions through it.

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