Frederick Young

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Professor Frederick Young


Full Name: Professor Frederick Young
Department: Research
Rank: Civilian
Clearence: Gamma - 10
Status: Active
Assignment: Team Bevan
Birthplace: Herne Bay, Kent , England

Biographical Overview:

Born 1964 in Herne Bay, Kent


After leaving to school he went to the Imperial College London and did a degree in civil Engineering followed by a masters degree in mining at the Royal School of mines.


Does a PhD in Materials at the Imperial College London


He was recruited by defense contractor to work on missile systems to penetrate reinforced Military Structures which were used in operation Desert Storm to knockout the Iraq Air force. Whilst working on this he developed an affinity with electronic guidance systems.


He joined BAE systems developing laser guided missile systems and ECM equipment where he also was accredited with Hons degree in electronics.


He joined a project to develop Remote controlled bomb disposal equipment for a private company.


He was asked to go to Kosovo to deal with UXB after the NATO bombings of Kosovo and then stayed on to help with the rebuild.


He went to New Zealand to help with a new mining company as a consultant as the mine was very close to some heritage sites and was in danger of collapsing.


He returned to the UK too lecture at Imperial College London until he was recruited.

2011: Invented YOBS (Young's Orbital Bombardment Scale)


Professional Qualifications:

PhD in Materials
Degree in civil Engineering
Masters degree in Mining
Hons degree in electronics

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