Fungus world

From Stargate LRP

Address 34, 10, 9, 11, 21, 27 Status Dangerous plant life. Visitors must be inoculated with Tyler1A before arrival here. any persons returning from here will spend 14 days in quarantine. NO EXCEPTIONS
Societies Present None Allegiance N/A
Environment Very high radiation during Day cycle, levels incompatible with life. frequent meteor storms make travel hazardous. Geology
Gate Location Missions Single investigative mission to acquire spore samples to produce anti fungal agent
In tracking down the infected members of the UKGC we found them at this planet working on a device to open all stargate simultaneously/copy the item sent into one wormhole to all open wormholes. However the device was created while they were under the stimulating effect of the spores and as yet we have been unable to reverse engineer its creation. it used components from many different technologies proving that the effect of the spores was to dramatically increase the intelligence of the individual not to “program” them with knowledge Spore samples have been sent, along with Tyler1A vaccine to the Porten Down Labs for further testing, and to see it the Delta wave enhancing effect can be achieved without the spore replicating effect - Dr R Gordon

A space borne Delta wave feeding fungus now exists on planet. this Lifeform is extremely dangerous. infection overview

  • T- 1 hour Patient exhibits signs of increased mental activity
  • T- 6 hours mental activity flaring patient starts exhibiting signs of pacifism
  • T- 12 hours Patient shows signs of incredible mental ability, telepathy with other infected victims as well as an astounding capacity to learn
  • T- 13 hours patient starts to become focused on spreading the spores of the fungus (minor physical changes)
  • T- 17 hours patient has almost single mindedly fixated on methods of spreading the disease to as many people/places as possible, increasing signs of “social separation” (sociopathy)
  • T- 36 hours Patients head detonated releasing spores in wide area (extrapolated)
  • T- 48 hours patients body has completely transformed into a sporulating form (extrapolated)

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