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[ Glossary of Terms]

  • Ascended / To Ascend - To leave corporeal form and become some sort of energy being
  • Ass-Snake - Derogatory term for the Goa'uld Symbiote
  • Astria Porta - The Ancient name for the Stargate.
  • Cat Poker - Anglicised term for the Goa'uld, Tezcatlipoca
  • Chappa'ai - the Goa'uld term for describing the Stargate.
  • Hobbs' Gate - The preferred SEF name for the Stargate. Probably after one of the Victorian researchers who studied the Gate
  • Kree - Goa'uld/Jaffa Military order. Very versatile usage: can be as simple as 'over here', 'do as I order', 'follow me' but can be used to direct troops in many ways. Perhaps a call that is understood fully only by other Jaffa who have trained in the same manner.
  • Medic - call used to summon medical personnel while under fire. Noted to have the same effect on Jaffa as 'Kree'.
  • Snake Wrangling - The art of stealing Goa'uld, as perfected by Harry Font

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