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General Overview

A parasitic race who take humans as hosts and pose as Gods to keep their populations under control. They rule large areas of the galaxy. They are megalomaniacs and evil. Any deal with them will only last as long an it suits them and even between themselves treachery is common. The Tok'Ra are of the same race but have a completely different mindset.

Among many other atrocities they are responsible for the near destruction of Earth.

It is important to note that sarcophagus technology allows them to bring people back from the dead so if at all possible bring any bodies of personnel back from missions where the corpse may fall into Gou'ald hands. If you do not do so they may be brought back to life and interrogated, possibly multiple times until they are broken in mind and body.

Known Personalities

  • Tezcatlipoca - Aztec styled Goa'uld
  • Domnu - Named for a Celtic Goddess.
  • Thunderbird - Styled after a Native American spirit, this Goa'uld is thought in actuality to be 2 clones.
  • Charlemagne - Goa'uld who tok his style from a mix of Charlemagne and the Knights Templar.
  • Inanna - Babylonian Goa'uld who, prior to SEF involvement, had been trapped within a Stargate/DHD.
  • Amaterasu - Powerful Japanese Goa'uld.
  • Tsuki-Yomi - Japanese styled Goa'uld. 'Brother' to Amaterasu.
  • Svarog - Named after the Slavic sun God
  • Sobek - Possibly referred to colloquially within the SEF as 'Golden Eyes'

Biological makeup

Goa'uld, can inhabit any sentient form but prefer to inhabit humans over other races as there seems to be a comparability. More exact details can be found in the entry on Symbiote as this applies to both Tok'Ra and the Goa'uld.

Social and Political

Gou’ald are psychotic, egotistical, megalomaniacs and that’s just their good qualities. They are capable of inhuman atrocities and indeed revel in such things. I can not begin to express the depths to which they will sink, often purely for enjoyment. Their continual use of sarcophagus technology to extend their lifespan makes their mindset even more unstable and prone to psychosis.

Gou'ald are constantly at war with each other but over time power blocks have built up, even among these treachery is common place if an individual Gou'ald feels it is to their advantage. The biggest and most well know of these is the System Lords they will tend to divide the galaxy up into areas, each with an overlord who will have less powerful Gou'ald under him controlling smaller areas.

Their normal way of controlling the populations of the worlds they own is to pose as Gods and to keep the population at a low technology level so they are no threat. Most of the Gods they claim to be will be recognisable to scholars of religion on Earth as most Gou'ald held worlds are populated by humans taken from Earth thousands of years ago. They use fear and superstitions backed by Jaffa warriors and weapons like staff weapons and Hand Devices which are designed to be impressive and awe inspiring. They see humans and indeed most other sentient beings as nothing more than a resource to be used.

They will destroy civilisations if they view them as a threat as they have tried to do to Earth on several occasions recently.

All Gou'ald have access to the memories of those who they are descended from and their mindset is largely effected by those and the attitudes of the one who spawns them. As there are only a few Queens and they are the ones who spawn new Gou'ald there are distinct 'bloodlines'.

There is a small break away group called the Tok'Ra who all come from a single Queen and have a different attitude, believing the Gou'ald to be evil and that forced blending is wrong. They are hunted and killed whenever they are found.

Gou'ald rarely create anything new themselves but they take any technology they find and turn it to their own advantage. Many of the items they use are based on Ancient technology and almost all the main ones are powered by naquadah. This means they prize any planet where it can be mined.

Military Capability

Considerable. Fractious, territorial and predatory by nature all G'ould System Lords maintain large forces both in terms of ground troops and space going assets.

Fleets of star ships are geared towards the transportation of troops and their support through orbital bombardment. Reports on the tactics of space combat are restricted, but suggest a limited face to face style reminiscent of science fiction television.

This failure to exploit the tactical options of space based engagement typifies a general lack of sophistication prevalent throughout all of G'ould military strategy, which is dominated by direct shows of force in an attempt to terrorise and intimidate the opponent. When this tactic fails a battle of attrition ensues, where technology and the G'ould willingness to expend the lives of their Jaffa troops are brought into play.

On the ground Jaffa troops operate using primarily horde tactics, relying on numbers and their unshakeable faith in their “god” to carry the day. Heavy support is primarily air based, being rapidly and readily deployed. Though general strategy follows this model, specific tactics on the ground are considerably more fluid and individual ground commanders may act with a significantly freer hand, and indeed within the scope of SEF operations Jaffa have been seen to exhibit advanced guerrilla, and ambush tactics.

It must however be stated that the considerable limitations of Jaffa weaponry mean that despite their technological lead, earth developed projectile based weapons have displayed considerable superiority in both tactical flexibility and killing power, that have been shown to significantly mitigate the Jaffa's tenacity and numerical superiority. However, please see Goa'uld Tactics for more up to date (as of active tour 11) assessment of their current tactics.

The G'ould use military might with great readiness, often before or in preference to any other option, as befits their particular psychology. Their approach in all spheres of combat is best summed up as “Aggressive” and it is upon this fact that they can be relied. Though such predictability can be used against them, when combined with numbers and ample space based assets it necessitates that they be treated with extreme caution.

Known History

Goa'uld originated on a single planet where they started out as an aquatic life form, however many millennia ago they took another race, the Unas, as hosts and using their bodies were able to spread to the stars where they proceed to conquer and expand. Eventually one of the System Lords, Ra, found Earth and realised we made the ideal hosts. The Goa'uld posed as Gods and ruled Earth taking some as hosts, others as slaves and adapting still others into Jaffa. Over time they took many humans to other worlds to create slave populations where ever needed. This has resulted in humans being spread across the galaxy.

They found the Star Gate system, learnt how to use it and have used it extensively ever since.

Around 5,000 years ago there was an uprising on Earth and the active gate was buried in Egypt.

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