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[ Doctor Grace Font]

[ Details]

Full Name: Grace Font Department: Rank: UKGC03 Clearence: Currently cleared by Kincaid and Cushing as fit for duty until a return to Earth can be effected. Status: Active Assignment: Birthplace: Some folk festival near Glastonbury Known Aliases/Nicknames: Mrs Font, Seraph

[ Biographical Overview:]

1990 - first met Captain Harry Font August 1990 - married to Captain Harry Font April 1991 - first child (Amelie Rebecca) born Late 1991 - entry into medical school 1993 - second child (Charlotte Elizabeth) born 1994 - brother (Michael Bates) killed on peacekeeping duty in Kosovo 1995 - father (Jonathan Bates, Corporal Parachute Regiment) passed away due to heart failure 1997 - graduated Batchelor of Medicine and Batchelor of Surgery (MBBS) 1997 - mother (Eva Bates, nee Corby) passed away due to overdose (terminal phase of small cell lung cancer) 1997 to 1998 - sabbatical 1998 - employed by the NHS, during which time was trained by Raymond Gordon 1999 - recruited by (classified)

In 2001 Dr Grace Font is listed as deceased. To Grace, what really happened was that Harry, her children and parents-in-law perished in a sudden catalogue of tragedy. In the wake of this an invitation by the Americans to work in an offworld think-tank was welcomed. For nearly the next six years she was unaware and, given her bereavements almost understandably, unaware and uncaring of the fate of everything in the universe apart from her work. In late 2006 her life was again shattered, this time by the revelation that Harry was not in fact dead but gallivanting about the stars causing trouble. Hell hath no fury like an irritated Font. She went AWOL looking for the UKGC Delta Base. Unfortunately she encountered Team Thatcher first and spent the following six months imprisoned and undergoing torture before being sold at an auction. Fortunately her husband (amongst others) gatecrashed.

[ Certifications:]

Status pending given officially deceased status.

[ Professional Qualifications:]

Status pending given officially deceased status.

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