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 Hand held naquadah detector procedure - Stargate LRP

Hand held naquadah detector procedure

From Stargate LRP

A standard-issue SEF Naquadah tester
Every member of the SEF should understand the use of a hand held naquadah tester. Infestation by a Goa'uld symbiote causes a high level of naquadah in the hosts body. There are no other outwardly visible signs that can be recognised from a distance. There may be scaring at the symbiote entry site but symbiotes can enter through the mouth leaving no external scar. Unfortunately naquadah levels in the body can rise for other reasons too. It is a heavy metal like lead cadmium & beryllium. Once adsorbed by the body it cannot be removed. Our operations expose us to high environmental levels & alien devices also use naquadah extensively. The symbiote can force it's host to act entirely normally so that no other means of detection short of medical examination is possible unless the Goa'uld chooses to reveal itself. If you are the available person to operate the tester, then it is your duty to ensure that the test is carried out. ALWAYS make sure you have adequate backup in the event of the test proving positive.

See Gate Procedure

Testing procedure

The SEF has developed several iterations of Naquadah testers over the years, each of which have improved upon the previous generation. As such, this guide will not cover the specific functions of each testing unit, but will cover the standard testing procedure.

  1. Activate the unit, and allow it to complete it's self diagnostics.
  2. Ensure that the sample collection area of the tester is clear, replacing any relevant parts if required.
  3. Place the testing surface against an area of exposed skin. Most commonly, this is done by pressing a finger or thumb against the testing surface.
  4. Activate the unit's sample function.
  5. Once the sample has been collected, the device can be removed from the subject.
  6. Move to a safe distance from the subject whilst the device tests the collected sample.
  7. The unit will display a numerical value, generally from 0 to 10. This value indicates the subjects Naquadah/Blood level.
  8. Inform any present security personnel of the test, using pre-agree codewords. DO NOT USE NON-CODE PHRASES, SUCH AS "CLEAR"
  9. Any abnormal readings will require a standard security and medical response to confirm the readings.

Likely high results in subjects that have been exposed to high levels of naquadah other than by symbiote infestation MUST still be cleared by medical examination after any positive test.

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