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Full Name: Harry Font Department: Intelligence Status: Active Birthplace: Sex: male Date of Birth: <month> <Day>th <year> Known Aliases/Nicknames: Blood Group: O Rh- Date of Last Examination: Next Examination Due: 03 May 2007 Purpose of Examination: Post injury: Post Below Knee amputation Right leg, Post Below Ankle Amputation Left Leg Current Medications: Metformin 500mg 3/day, Ranapril 10mg 1/day Previous treatments(list all)1): After a Ring Accident during the April 2007 “Operation Winback” Harry lost his left leg below the ankle, and his right leg below the Knee. He got Better (RG) Harry shows signs of Physical Tortue and Ribbon Device Exposure ?mental State? Due to the recent Trauma suffered at the Return of his Presumed Deceased Wife Dr Font and this period of torture and capture, i would like to request that both Mr Font and Dr Font are given Recuperation Leave (RG) Known Allergies: Staff Weapons, Ribbon devices Harry breaks out in a Rash attitude (RG) Pre-existing medical Conditions:

Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2)

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