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Full Name: Harry Font Department: Intelligence Status: Active Birthplace: Sex: male Date of Birth: <month> <Day>th <year> Known Aliases/Nicknames: Gabriel Date of Last session: Jan 2006 Next session Due: Jan 2007 Purpose of session1): Post mission /Routine Current Medications:

Current mental state: Stable

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(details and recommendations) Jan 2006 - Compulsory assessment after active cycle 2 – Harry was responsible for detonating a nuke as the only way to stop a Goa'uld as a result Steve Daniels asked that he be specifically assessed. Harry was pleasant but unco-operative. He refused to be led on any question of a personal nature and his training makes any assessment dubious. However he seems to have coping mechanisms in place and shows no outward signs of problems. KL

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1) Routine, Post Mission, Trauma assessment, Other

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