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Henry Pemberton


[ Details]

Full Name: Henry John Pemberton
Department: Science & Computing
Rank: Senior Lecturer
Clearance: Rescinded
Status: Inactive
Assignment: Team Eden
Birthplace: Worcester, United Kingdom
Known Aliases/Nicknames: Butterfly Man (see also Dr Daniel Sharpe)

[ Biographical Overview:]

Born in 1976 to a wealthy middle class family, Henry was fascinated by wildlife an insects and developed a love of fly-fishing and butterfly collecting in his youth. This developed into a love of entomology and later lepidoptery during his Zoology degree at Birmingham University.

After graduating with an Upper Second Class degree in Zoology he later went on to study an MSc in Zoology at University College London. It was during this time that he specialized in the divergent members of Callidulidae, a superfamily of Macrolepidoptera or giant butterfly-moths. After completing his masters he has worked in a number of zoos before taking up a recent post as lecturer in Zoology, Entomology and specifically Lepidoptery at UCL.

He lives in Stamford Hill, London and is consider an expert in large butterfly-moth species. Since a large part of his research involves data modelling on species migration and butterfly aerodynamics he has developed a competent level of computer programming skills.

[ Certifications:]

Small & Medium Firearms, Computer Programming

[ Professional Qualifications:]

M.Sc.(Hons) Zoology, B.Sc.(Hons) Zoology

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