Irene Williams

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Full/Birth Name
Irene Williams
Technical Lead
Ren, teuren
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Biographical Overview

Born to Elizabeth and Robert Williams in Glasgow. One sibling: younger brother James. Father legally dead.

Gained a Masters degree in Software Engineering at Edinburgh University and a PhD in a related subject after doing research in a number of European universities.

Worked for BAE system expanding on expert knowledge gained in her doctorate. Was later employed by the RAF to work on military aeroplane software/firmware design.

Was then recommended for evaluation for entry into the programme and was eventually hired by Group Captain Merryweather.

Worked on Project Hoplite under Maxwell Summers, which led to her public involvement with Legion.

Named head of the Technical department in January 2014.

Professional Qualifications

  • M.Sc.(Hons) Software Engineering
  • Ph.D. Ultra-efficient Safety-critical Embedded Systems (Design and Implementation)
  • Fluent in French, Italian, Spanish and a number of other Italic languages.
  • BSc Communication Systems
  • Programme-specific skills