Jacqueline north

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Department: Military (Royal Navy) Rank: Lieutenant Clearance: UK: Full DV clearance, including Natsen. USA: Level 2 cleared. No UKSP clearance level currently assigned Status: Active Assignment: Wilson? Birthplace: Penzance, Cornwall Known Aliases/Nicknames: Jacky/Jacks

[ Biographical Overview:]

[ Certifications:]

Degree, Nuclear and particle physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Doctorate, Nuclear physics, Bailey College, Oxford.

[ Professional Qualifications:]

Qualified to work on naval and land based nuclear power plants.

[ Full Bio and career history:]

Born: March 17th, 1968, Penzance, Cornwall.

Father: Captain Reginald Lawrence North, 6th Guards Tank Brigade/Grenadier Guards. (served 1944-1965) 1929-2001

Mother: Mrs Evelyn North (Nee Summersby), Born 1931, currently residing in Walton-On-The-Naze, Essex.

Educated: Alverton primary school, Alverton Cornwall, and Norwich High School for Girls. Passed with good O-levels in sciences and mathematics.

Post-A levels at the University of Manchester, Jacqueline secured a place in the States to pursue a study of physics. Gained degree Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1989. Doctorate studies, Bailey College, Oxford, resulting in doctorate in Nuclear physics. Her doctorate thesis proposed a wave harmonic method for exciting nuclear fusion at low temperatures. Currently not proven experimentally.

Recruited to the Royal Navy, August 18th 1991, Oxford as officer candidate.

Trained: Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth, passed out ranked Lieutenant.


1992 RNAS Culdrose - technical specialist (officer)

1992-1995: HMNB Rosyth, Officer commanding 12 technical staff, detailed to maintain/repair nuclear power plants aboard RN nuclear submarines.

1995-1996: HMNB Devonport, Officer commanding Nuclear Repair Facility. While involved in seaborn rescue of ex-soviet nuclear submarine the *censored*, off the *censored* coast, was injured by falling turbine shaft which had broken free after collision with *censored*. Sustained major injuries to the hip-bone and upper right leg.

1996-1997: Royal Devon & Exeter hospital, Exeter.

1997: Granted medical discharge, placed on reserve list.

1998-2004: Working as contract nuclear engineer, BNFL at Torness, Scotland.

2005-2006: Contract nuclear engineer, Cheyenne mountain complex, Colorado. Took active role in repairing damage to base reactor damaged by Gua'uld attack, though was not cleared to know of the reason for the damage.

2007: Reactivated to take temporary command of the Nuclear Repair Facility, HMNB Devonport.

2008: Seconded to UKSP to fill reported gap in nuclear physics knowledge of active teams. Did not join fully until Jan 2009, paperwork delays in Whitehall slowed deployment.

2009: Joined UKSP Personnel for Burns' night dinner, Scotland.

2009: Deployed P4Z-549p

This document has been redacted suitable for the general access of UKSP Personnel. Fully cleared personnel may obtain a fuller version of this document by applying to The Admiralty, Whitehall.

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