James MacMillan

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Department Internal Security Position Head of Tactical Division



Alias / AKA Jock, Flash Drive Status Active
Key Skills
  • Pistols: Rated Proficient
  • Small Arms: Rated Proficient
  • Sniper Training: Rated Distinction
  • Medic: Rated Proficient
  • Paramedic: Rated Proficient
  • Fish and Game: Rated Proficient
  • Armorer: Rated Proficient
  • EOD Training: Rated Proficient
  • Sternjaeger Elite Training: Rated Distinction
Rank Major (OF-3)

Biographical Information

Full Name: James “Jock” Macmillan

Birthplace: Glasgow, UK

D.O.B. 26/05/87

Next of Kin: Sarah MacMillan

Cpt. Macmillan can appear cold upon first impression. This is likely due to a sense of professionalism whilst on duty, which can express as a lack of empathy or emotion. However given time he eventually warms to people and will open up. He is a passionately driven individual and will strive to achieve the best result in any given task, however this may be due to his personal circumstances which at this stage, will remain redacted from his personnel file and will be available to those with relevant clearance or concern.

Service History

Conspicuous Gallantry Cross

Sternjaeger Pin

  • July 2004: Joins Military at the age of 17, passed Basic training with excellence and distinction. Granted rank of Corporal upon graduation. Selected for Sniper Training.
  • 2008-2012: Posted in Afghanistan for several tours of duty, received Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for actions taken in 2012 deployment in Helmand Province
  • May 2013: Return from final tour of duty to UK. Incident at personal residence recorded
  • April 2014: Recommended for and Reassigned to SEF.

Notable Activities

Date/Deployment Notes

Recruited into SEF for Duty Cycle 35.

CPL Macmillan assists in the reclamation of a spacefaring ship as part of Team 3 (A two man Sniper Team) It is reported that he has 1 confirmed kill in this operation.

Assisted Team Eden (Under Staff Sergeant Munroe at this juncture) in an off world incursion.

Reassigned ad-hoc to Rockingham upon Team Saxon’s creation (Under Flt LT. Hardy at this juncture)

Discovered to have the ATA Gene and assists in the recovery of an ancient repository for the Asgard

Accepts full time assignment to Rockingham

Recovered by GGC Grey Wolf after Duty Cycle 35 from planet Dresden.


CPL MacMillan is assigned an acting position as Chief Of Marines Assigned to primary drop team. Assists in securing Research facility and is first response to the facility's primary building

Fielded in the retrieval of additional SEF Personnel from a hostile and infected indigenous life forms.

Assisted in the retrieval of artifacts vital to mission success

Lead team in CSAR of a member of the Greater German Reich (Dresden)

Fielded with team responsible for elimination of hostile Anti-GGC Forces


CPL MacMillan returns after 2 months AWOL, no further action taken due to circumstances surrounding.

Assists in retrieval of artefact vital for Earth return (Spear of Destiny)

Assisted in death of ascended being, "Michael"

Fielded in the retrieval of GGR member.

Disabled "Trap House" with a single bullet


SGT MacMillan, freshly promoted assists in return to Earth.

Fielded in several actions against hostile OPFOR

Utilises artefact Spear of Destiny on Giant's Causeway to destroy hostile Command and Control, "Dagon"


First tour of Duty as Officer Cadet

Assisted in CSAR of SEF Operatives

Assisted in specialist mission for GGR forces

Noted actions for bravery and valour in ensuring team members safe return at potential sacrifice of his own life


Second tour of Duty as Officer Cadet

Assisted in diplomatic envoy with Empress of Golden Sun Empire

Notable actions in diplomacy, including several cultural commendations

Joint winner of Grand Melee with Livingstone Gibson

Noted as on extended tour of duty for 1 month following deployment


First tour of Duty as an Officer

First tour of Duty as Team Lead


Second tour of duty as an officer.

Assisted in CSAR of GGC Personnel

Lead Deployment on final mission, suffering low casualties.


Third tour of duty as an officer.

Recorded one KIA on first mission, one MIA.

Assisted in repowering of facility, clearing of Ring Device room.

Retrieval of on site expert

Retrieval of SEF personnel in CSAR action, 2 recorded KIA

Subject to disciplinary action, pending further review


Trip to Dresden for Alliance Summit

Attended briefings for Sylvalis threat

Assisted in Diplomatic Relations with Kuma'Ai and Charon

Assisted in rescue of GGC personnel from Sylvalis ship.


Promoted from Acting Captain to Captain

First cycle as Senior Group Lead for deployment

Special dispensation for deployment with Injury

Earth side protection on behalf of UNE

Deployed to a number of countries to assist in retrieval of sensitive materials

NB: Cpt MacMillan is to be subject to on spot and random drug testing due to exposure to narcotics

Lead deployment in fire-mission leading to capture of OpFor lead designation Ozymandias



Assigned to MONGOOSE detail for Day 2 evening


CSAR of ship in distress.

Diplomatic support and military leadership for 1IC

Asset denial of Kastigir Ind. Lab by infiltration

Deployment military lead for final operation


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