James merryweather

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Department AS Endurance Position Captain



Alias / AKA Status Inactive - No longer in SEF service
Key Skills
  • Small Arms
  • Medium Arms
  • Zat'Ni'katel
  • Staff Weapon
  • Experimental Kit
  • Degrees in Physics and Aerospace Engineering
Rank Squadron Leader

Biographical Information

Marital Status: Married to Jess Merryweather nee Parker

Born in Bristol to an accountant and a primary school teacher, James excelled academically and earned a scholarship to a prestigious public school much to his father's annoyance as he regarded his own comprehensive education as sufficient and public schools as elitist.

This family rift was not helped when James was accepted to Cambridge University where he continued his excellence at academic subjects and also joined the University Air Squadron for the chance to fly.

The rift was finally completed when James elected to join the RAF after completing his university education as both of his parents were committed anti-war pacifists.

Despite scoring well on the piloting skills, James chose to follow the engineering route and was soon assigned to a Harrier squadron operating just behind the front lines in Bosnia.

Staying with the Harriers for several years his expertise in engineering and improvisation brought him to notice amongst the brass and he was seconded to BAE systems to assist in developing new weapons for the military. During this time he qualified as a test pilot as well as gaining much knowledge about developmental engineering.

He was one of the first recruits to what was the UKGC, and he concentrated his efforts on gathering as much knowledge as he could about alien technology, including a period spent training under the Tok'ra.

Over time he rose through the ranks to become a team leader and stuck with the program during its evolution into the SEF.

As one of the foremost alien tech specialists in the program, James was heavily involved in the effort to develop earth based spaceship technology and it was him that flew the initial test flight of the first Phobos prototype.

From there he devoted himself to the spaceship program, helping to develop both the Deimos and the Mars before a combination of his abilities and his contacts higher up in the program allowed him to take charge of the SEF fleet.

Service History

Notable Activities

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