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Full Name: van Horne, Jared Thomas Department: Civilian Status: Active Birthplace: Manchester, NH, USA Sex: male Date of Birth: March 18th 1971 Known Aliases/Nicknames: J.T. Blood Group: A Rh+ Date of Last Examination: 10 August 2008 Next Examination Due: 10 August 2009 Purpose of Examination1): Routine Current Medications: None Previous treatments(list all)2): Known Allergies: Salicylate sensitivity. Pre-existing medical Conditions:

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Examination report3):


The patient is in generally good physical shape.  His BMI is a little high, but with his lifestyle
this does not present any dangers.  His bloodwork contains signs of higher than normal radiation
exposure.  This exposure is within acceptable levels.  The patient has declined to comment on this.

Cdr. R.H. Holland, U.S.N
NNMC, Bethesda, MD.


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1) Routine, Post injury, Post Mission, Other

2) please include data on unusual treatments

3) to be completed by Examining Medic