Jt van horne

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[ J.T. van Horne]

[ Details]

Full Name: Jared Thomas van Horne Department: Civilian Rank: Clearance: UKSP03 Status: Active Assignment: General Research Birthplace: Manchester, NH, USA Known Aliases/Nicknames: JT

[ Biographical Overview:]

Dr van Horne is a former NASA researcher and engineer. He holds dual British and American nationalities.

He was born in New Hampshire in 1971, and grew up in America, Ireland and Britain. He attended Winchester College, before a degree at London's Brunel University. In 1996 he gained a PHD in Astronomy from the University of East Anglia, and took a post at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California.

[ Certifications:]

Handgun, Communications, NASA Engineer.

[ Professional Qualifications:]

PHD Astronomy, University of East Anglia 1996 BSc Mathematics & Astrophysics, Brunel University 1992

[ Papers:]

Suppose it's not a Wormhole, UKGC 2006 Atmospheric Collimation Compensation in Ground-Based Astronomical Observation, NASA/UC Berkeley 1998